Smart Adjustable Handled Lifting Strap

$39.98 $24.99

Make lifting heavy boxes and furnitures easier with this smart handled strap! 

Lift everything in one trip! This slip-proof lifting strap wraps up everything tightly whether it’s loose grocery, firewood, furnitures, or heavy boxes without a proper handle! 

This industrial level heavy duty lifting belt holds up to 600LBS of weight without breaking! The belt can be expand from 3 feet, to 6 feet long to suit different furnitures! 

Too heavy to lift on your own? Lift with others with double straps to make it easier! With an ergonomic handle, you can lift with a comfortable grip for any furnitures! 

Build with sturdy tempered nylon, this handled strap brings you with a simpler moving solution with adjustability to the items you’re carrying and durability that will last for years to go! 

Reduce possibility for accidents when lifting heavy boxes and items! This belt will keep you in the proper posture when lifting heavy objects! 


Materials: Premium Tampered Nylon

Dimensions: 180*15cm

Weight: 252g

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Smart Adjustable Handled Lifting Strap

$39.98 $24.99