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[50% Off Today] Ultimate Metal Polish Cream


ūüėéUltimate Metal Polish Cream

Thanks to the highly effective formula, the cream offers an all-in-one solution to clean, shine & protect your metal possession. After removing all the flaws, it leaves a deep lustrous shine with a long-lasting, protective & tarnish-repelling finish.


With its non-abrasive feature, it’s completely safe and non-damaging to any metal products, which makes it widely applicable to copper, brass, sterling silver, aluminium, stainless steel or even gold.


  • Instantly & safely remove tarnish, oxidation, rust etc.
  • Cleans, polishes & protects in one go
  • Provides shiny, long-lasting protective coating
  • 100% Non-abrasive & non-damaging
  • Widely applicable to copper, brass, chrome, sterling silver, aluminium, stainless steel, gold etc.
  • No irritating smell

ūüĎáūüĎáUsage Methods

1. Apply a small on a metal object

2. Use a cloth to wipe


  • Size: 5g/each
  • Validity Period: 4 years
  • Style: Fine¬†(suitable for mild dirt cleaning)/ Powerful¬†(suitable for powerful dirt cleaning)

Package includes:

  • 1*¬†Ultimate Metal Polish Cream