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🔥[HOT SALE]🔥 Washable Mask-Hypoallergenic and dustproof outdoor protective gear


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Product Description:

Activated carbon filter: Our Facial Gear is equipped with a special five-layer filter, including an activated carbon layer. Using this special filter, it can block 95% of dropletsCOVID-19 can be transmitted through dropletsexhaust gas, dust, chemicals, pollen smoke, and other non-oil-based particles, allowing you to breathe healthily.

Reusable and washable: Our protective gear is not a one-time use, no need to worry about the dustproof effect after one use. The housing can be cleaned with confidence.

Versatile: This safety Facial Gear can be used for a variety of occasions, from dust work (carpentry, mowing, construction, and home improvement) to daily life outdoor activities (running, hiking and cycling)



One size fits most adults.

Suit for mowing to running, cycling, hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities.

Block 95% of exhaust gas, dust, chemicals, pollen smoke, and other non-oil-based particles.

Double air breathing valve, air resistance is smaller, smooth breathing. 

The filter is used to install inside the protective gear and cannot be worn alone.