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HOT!!! Pocket-Sized Aerial Photographer-JJR/C


Tired of selfies that cut off half the shot? Refuse to use a ridiculous selfie-stick? Need someone to snap a shot of you in the perfect insta-spot or of you finally popping that 360 Ollie Heelflip?

With JJR/C, you’ll be able to get the perfect solo or group selfie every time!

No hassle, handing your phone to strangers, or selfie sticks needed!

Plus, it’s super easy to use with the "One-Touch" app on your Apple or Android smartphone!

No more missing friends in group photos and videos, misframed or mistimed self-timers, or awkward selfie angles. JJR/C gives you the perfect full frame shot quickly and easily!

Take stunning aerial 12MP photos and HD videos from unique angles and share them instantly on social media!

JJR/C is there for you. With one-touch autonomous flight and gesture control, you can shoot HD photos and videos quickly and easily with zero interruption!


Need an extra boost of flight time? Our optional powerbank docking sleeve keeps your JJR/C fully charged and always ready to shoot - anywhere, anytime. JJR/C slips into the dock and the dock slips into your pocket. Available to purchase during checkout.

Our "One-Touch" control lets JJR/C fly, frame, and photograph you automatically! Simply launch the one-touch control on the app - JJR/C will fly out and take 5, 10, or 15 photos for every 10 seconds of flight. You can also have the JJR/C record video for the entire duration.

Control without a phone! JJR/C has SYNControl, which lets it take commands via simple gestures and movements. Fly and take HD photos/videos by just moving your hands!

JJR/C is Designed for Everyone

Crop, rotate, zoom and color correct your photos and videos anyway you want. Add filters, stickers and more to give some extra flare!

Not only is taking and editing photos/videos easy with JJR/C, sharing them is just as simple! Our S.E.N.D. (Share Experience Now Direct) software allows our app to seamlessly and instantly post all your selfies on any of your social media accounts!

Capture Me Facial Recognition & Tracking allows JJR/C to find you and capture your life adventures without you controlling it! This means you don’t need to frame the shot! Capture Me automatically detects and tracks your face, so you always have the perfect frame quickly, easily, and hassle-free.

Want to get those epic 360 camera arcs? Or want to stay fully immersed in your activity while being photographed? Don’t worry! JJR/C comes with automated flight plans that make it easy to take photos and videos of your life as you live it.

A smooth flight is vital for great images. JJR/C uses an advanced “Smooth Air” Flight Stabilization that ensures sharp photos and smooth videos every time.


With combined calculations of optical flow, an internal barometer, and gyroscope, JJR/C is able to automatically determine its balance and level and correct itself mid-flight. No more blurry photos and shaky footage!


It’s smaller than an iPhone and only weighs 1.83 oz (52g). That’s well below the 250g limit for FAA registration. This means you can fly free wherever you want!