2006-2020 American 1-Ounce Eagle Brilliant Uncirculated





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  • ONLY $9.99 !! Last 24 hours!
  • 💖It’s a rare price because of the exquisite workmanship💖
  • Year: 2006-2020
  • Air tite size: 40mm
  • Coin value: Collection
  • Condition:  Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Availability: In Stock


  • The coin is highly recognizable and is well suited for savvy investors, collectors, and those new to coin collecting.
  • In 1986 the United States began striking the modern American Eagle coin. The coin’s obverse design is patterned after Adolph A. Weinman’s (1870-1952) design of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, used between 1916-1947. The reverse depicts the classic bald eagle, America’s classic symbol for liberty and freedom.
  • Please note that these coins are made by brass plated with silver. They are uncirculated but only for collection
  • This coin is perfect for your retirement account.




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9 Reviews
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  • Kevin Stout

    Beautiful coins

  • David Leslie Poland

    Just as I thought!

  • Sally White

    My order was delivered few days ag, so slow. Thanks god, the coins are great.

  • Kris Jeong


  • Birdy Kathy

    They are beautiful!! I love them!!!

  • Roman huddie

    Hey bro!the coin is gorgeous although it arrived latter than expected.I should have bought more if i had knew it was that pretty.THANX guys.

  • Tracy Swift


  • Rich F Mogavero

    Trump sent me some money then I bought one.

  • Domenic Santucci

    In the Army Finance core in Germany we got coins in bags from the states. Still have some 64 Kennedy halfs pulled out with my hanker chief.

2006-2020 American 1-Ounce Eagle Brilliant Uncirculated